[13 Jan 2014]  Soundtrak released

Today we released oficial BioHazard Virus soundtrak. It was composed by Pavel "GOLDSHEEP" Perepelitsa .
download it here: bvirus_soundtrack.rar .
there are 10 soundtracks:

1.     - Gamestartup
2.     - Action theme
3-4.  - End Theme (+ remake)
5.     - Irreplaceable loss
6.     - Town of Horror
7-8.  - Town of Zombies (+ remake)
9.     - I'm alive
10.   - Triage At Dawn (hl2_song23 remake)
Hope you'll like it! =)
Also you can find the link on download page .

[10 Jan 2014]  Developing news
Work in progress. Now we are working on the code and at thesame time on the levels (maps). Also our coder promised us some special fitches in the mod.

What about co-op mode...
Yes, it will be included of course. It will be a dedicated campaign for 2-8 players on the server. As a mod developer, I can promise some seporate survival mod maps.

By the way...
I have already added MANUAL page on this web site, where you can find out more about storry and plot of the mod, and also some information about NPC's, weapons or read some notes, contacted with BHV mod.

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